You'll Never Remember All Of These Game Of Thrones Characters!

Would your knowledge of all things Westeros put Bran to shame or are you as clueless as Hot Pie?

Game Of Thrones Orell

When Game of Thrones first came around, many viewers new to the Ice and Fire franchise were expecting the trials and tribulations of Eddard Stark and his family, as he eventually topples a corrupt regime and rules as the just hero. Meanwhile, book fans simply laughed and, under their breaths muttered "oh you sweet summer child."

George RR Martin's ruthlessness for killing off main characters that might take an audience or book member's fancy is heartbreaking, but it also means that, unlike other shows, Thrones fans were forced to look outside of the box. While most shows have only a handful of obvious favourites - Walking Dead fans tend to be divided between Glenn and Michonne, for example - with Game of Thrones that answer could vary from anything from Jon Snow to Jaqen H'ghar.

While later seasons regretfully focused too hard on ruining established greats, Game of Thrones boasted perhaps one of the best ensemble casts in TV history, giving us countless heroes and villains to cheer and boo. But, to a true Westerosi at heart, are they really countless? How many of these Game of Thrones characters do you remember? Answers at the end, and let's hope you have a better ending than the show did.

1. Starting Easy... Who Was The Eldest Stark And The Show's First King In The North?

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