Young Justice: Outsiders – 8 Ups & 1 Down From Episodes 4-6

Could the latest episodes of Young Justice maintain its high standard?

Young Justice Outsiders Ups Downs 2
DC Universe

Young Justice made a triumphant return last week when its third season, 'Outsiders', debuted on the DC Universe. Unveiling its first three episodes at once, the show wasted absolutely no time throwing us straight into a brand new storyline that saw Nightwing discover a metahuman-trafficking operation in Markovia, forcing him to turn to his former allies for help.

Ultimately, it was a thrilling adventure that kick-started the show's new direction nicely and proved that, despite its time away, Young Justice still knew exactly how to deliver. Now, in a bid to maintain that momentum, DC has unveiled the show's next three instalments.

Unlike the opening three-part epic, this week's episodes have a more standalone flavour to them, allowing them to highlight particular characters in each adventure. 'Private Security' focuses on Dick's emotional journey as he reunites with Red Arrow, Arsenal and Guardian for a unique mission, while 'Away Mission' sees M'Gann take her team out on an adventure to New Genesis. Finally, 'Rescue Op' is more closely-linked to the season's main narrative, providing us with some (very vague) answers about Princess Tara's abduction.

All in all, this week's outings of Young Justice were more reminiscent of the successful formula that the first season thrived on, with each episode telling us a different story as the overall narrative came together around it.

First, the positives...


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