10 Awesome UFC Fighters Who Went On Terrible Runs

Even the best can get stuck in a rut.

Jeff Chiu/AP/Press Association Images

As you're probably aware of by now, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is not a stable or consistent career choice. Whatever standing or momentum you have coming into a fight - on any given night - can be obliterated in just a few short rounds... or fewer.

Champions of days gone by and seemingly unbeatable entities have quickly found themselves on the receiving end of a shock defeat, that in turn sends them into a career spiral - one that sometimes can't be overcome.

Of course, this is one of the major selling points of the likes of UFC and Bellator.

Your favourites aren't thrown in the ring with cannon fodder in order to protect their standing as a draw - as we see time and time again in the sport of boxing - and this only fuels the anticipation for every new card that is put together.

So, you can see how even the most talented fighters can very quickly find themselves in a slump, off the back of multiple losses in a short period of time.

Some of these stars found a way to buck this potentially career-killing trend, whereas others weren't as fortunate...

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