10 Best Pound-For-Pound Fighters Currently In The UFC

When it comes to sheer ability, this lot stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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With fighters jumping all over the UFC divisions, most of the current weight-class rankings aren't an honest depiction of the actual state of things.

This isn't a knock on fighters wanting to test themselves at a different weight or cement their legacy by becoming a two division champ - a trend Conor McGregor can proudly claim to have made a thing.

Yet, there's no question that this everlasting game of musical-divisions has had a sizeable impact on the (already unreliable) legitimacy of the rankings in each weight-class.

Jose Aldo - after losing his one and only Bantamweight fight - currently sits at 6th in that weight's rankings. How does that work again? And Aldo has remarkably just been granted the next title shot vs. Henry Cejudo - but that's a grievance for another list.

The pound-for-pound rankings, however, are a clearer reflection of who the very best fighters in the UFC actually are, as these rankings simply take into account who has been on the best run as of late and who has defeated the tougher opponents in recent memory.

That being said, the UFC rankings definitely aren't completely accurate and that also extends to the men's and women's P4P tables. So we're taking matters into our own hands.


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