10 Best Trash-Talkers In UFC History

Stirring the sh*t and selling tickets!

John Locher/AP

While clearly the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship - and Mixed Martial Arts, period - is all about what goes on inside the octagon, the years since UFC's beginnings have seen what goes on outside the cage become just as entertaining and fascinating as what goes on inside the cage.

Respectful confrontations and simply wanting to prove that you're the best is one thing, but more and more we've seen how fighters love to talk trash in the build to a fight.

This is a skill and trick that's been utilised for decades in the worlds of boxing and professional wrestling, with the aim being to talk your audience into wanting to see a fight. After all, there's something so satisfying about seeing a smug prick finally get their comeuppance thanks to an elbow to the face.

Whether they really mean what they're saying or it's merely a marketing ploy, the UFC has had some fantastic sh*t talkers competing for them over the years - and it's those famed trash-talkers that we're going to focus on here as we look at ten of the very best ever when it comes to verbal beat downs.


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