10 Best UFC Fighters Of The Last Decade

The most impressive MMA stars of the last 10 years.

John Locher/AP

In terms of skill development and level of fighters competing, it's been an absolutely incredible decade for the sport of MMA. With the UFC being the biggest promotion in the world, they've seen the vast majority of the finest mixed martial artists come through their doors.

Anyone who has been watching the sport since or before 2010 has seen a lot of these fighters make their UFC debuts, fight a number of tough opponents, before eventually reaching a level of success that they couldn't even fathom during the early parts of their MMA journey.

We've gone back through the record books and picked out the most dominant fighters to compete in this era of MMA. From heavyweight greats, double champions and fight-finishing killers, these are the mixed martial artists who have taken MMA to the next level and made an undeniable mark on one of the biggest sports on earth.

However, when you're talking about the best of the best, which fighter will come in number one? Let's take a look to see which fighters have been chosen, why they've been picked and where they've been ranked on this definitive list for the decade.


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