10 Biggest Win Streaks In UFC History

The longest UFC win streaks from some of the greatest to ever compete in the octagon.

John Locher/AP

Like in any sport, the world of UFC and MMA is one so often based around momentum. Well, that and the ability to both give and take a good shot or two.

The point being, so many times we've seen fighters gone on winning streaks that have seen their career skyrocket as they become propelled towards greatness - more often than not resulting in championship gold being around their waist.

In a world where competitors simply refuse to be beat, each and every win is a big thing. Each fight is pivotal, each victory can be career-changing. From fight to fight, a combatant could see their stock rise to the top or hit an all-time low.

Here, though, we're looking to showcase those fighters who went from strength to strength on absolutely stunning streaks of success. To think, any one fight could have gone the other way if an opponent just landed one shot or grabbed a good hold of one submission - that makes these streaks impressive on a huge, huge level.

With that in mind, then, here are the ten biggest win streaks in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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