10 British MMA Stars You Need To Know

The world better be ready for the best of the British.

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The world of MMA was long been dominated by talents from North/South America and Japan - which is to be expected when the likes of the UFC, Bellator, Pride and ONE FC have all been primarily situated in those countries over the years.

Yet despite that, the British MMA scene was quietly going about its business under the radar and producing some top talents who would make it their mission to conquer these major promotions.

Michael Bisping and Dan Hardy both paved the way and established themselves as legitimate contenders inside of the Octagon. However, after their time had passed, a large hole was left to fill. Conor McGregor has happily gone about changing the modern MMA game, but he's from the Republic of Ireland and you know enough about him anyway.

So the question is... who will be the next Brit to put their stamp on the global MMA stage?

Their futures aren't guaranteed. But, if this crop of tenacious and potentially world-class talents keep their eyes on the prize and produce some more awe-inspiring performances over the coming years, we may very much be talking about them alongside the Bispings, Hardys and (go on then) McGregors of the MMA world.

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