10 Conor McGregor "What Ifs"

How different would the McGregor story be if he never KO'd Aldo, fought Diaz or delved into boxing?

Gregory Payan/AP

Conor McGregor is widely recognised as the biggest star in Mixed Martial Arts, despite somewhat controversial actions over his tenure as the UFC's most profitable draw. He captured the hearts of thousands of Irish fans, before emerging as one of the most significant combat sports athletes of all time and becoming a household name worldwide.

Early on in his career with the UFC, McGregor earned the nickname Mystic Mac due to his supernatural ability to predict the outcome of his matches down to the method and round of victory. This skill was never on form more than when he predicted his 1st round destruction of Jose Aldo. However, even McGregor couldn't have prophesied the fastest knockout in UFC history, with his victory coming 13 seconds after the commencement of the fight. He also could never have predicted that a loss to Nate Diaz would benefit him far greater than a win could ever have.

But what if the stars never aligned for Mystic Mac? What if the events that acted as the catalysts for his success never occurred? How different would his career, the UFC and the landscape of MMA look, without the influence of 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor? Let's find out.


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