10 Despicably Villainous UFC Moments

8. Michaels Bisping Spits On Jorge Rivera's Corner Men

Now, the majority of MMA fans will probably recognise Michael Bisping as one of the most charismatic and charming fighters ever to call the UFC their home.

And they wouldn't be far wrong.

But, being a native Manchester lad, Bisping has always harnessed the tendency to resort to underhanded tactics every now and again in order to get his message across.

An example of this can be found in the wake of his victory over Jorge Rivera at UFC 127.

Bisping felt that some of Rivera's comments before the fight were 'below the belt' and was 'shocked' by some of the things his rival was saying.

Well, never one to be outdone, Bisping took the shock factor up a notch when he decided to spit at Riveira's corner men after he'd just successfully knocked out their fighter.

Obviously, in the heat of the moment, fighters sometimes say and do things which are unexpected. However, to spit at a rival team was undoubtedly a heinous thing to do and Bisping fully earned the title of pantomime villain on this night.

The Brit tried to backtrack by claiming that he was simply spitting on the ground, but we'll let you make your minds up as to what his true intentions were.


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