10 Fighters Who Were Banished From UFC

Don't expect to see this lot in an Octagon any time soon.

Jeff Chiu/AP

When watching arguably the most deliciously violent sport in modern existence, it may come as a surprise to know that there are certain acts and decisions that are seen as unsavoury in the Octagon.

Driving your elbow into someone's head?

Not a problem.

Trying to poke someone's eye out if its socket?

Prepare for some backlash.

Yet, some incidents are so heinous that the perpetrator in question finds themselves on the infamous MMA blacklist, sometimes without even stepping into the cage.

Being the global platform that it is today, UFC abides by these same principles - if not more so than other lesser promotions. They can't have criminals or any other unsavoury characters fronting such a recognisable brand and will not hesitate to banish a toxic fighter from the company.

That's not to say that UFC don't give their fighters second chances - see Jon Jones as an example - but there's a big difference between a cocky drug cheat and a despicable domestic abuser.

Some of these former UFC employees' crimes were worse than others, but they all ended up being outcasted from Dana White's empire - for life.


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