10 Former MMA Stars Who Have Surprisingly Normal Jobs

9. Mark Hughes - Construction Company Owner

Though his twin brother Matt would become one of the most decorated fighters in the history of the sport, Mark Hughes' tenure in the UFC would be limited to a single fight back in 2000.

Hughes had shown potential for a successful career in the sport, particularly during that era due to his strong grappling skills. Mark had even defeated Matt in a wrestling match when the two faced off in the final of a youth wrestling tournament.

In his lone Octagon appearance at UFC 28, Hughes displayed the grit and wrestling ability that his brother would eventually become known for, grinding out a win over Alex Stiebling.

Despite the victory, and his obvious potential, Hughes decided that a career in the cage just wasn't for him and went back to working on his farm and in the family's construction company.

Mark has remained out of the public eye in the years since, though was recently involved in a lawsuit with his brother over a damaged tractor.

Perhaps it's not surprising that the twins have got into trouble, that is, if Matt's YouTube account is anything to go by...


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