10 Greatest UFC Signature Moves

10. The Diaz Brothers' Stockton Slap

The Diaz brothers are infamously two very laid back, trash-talking dudes, who do things on their own terms. Be that Nick Diaz getting high before his fight with Takonari Gomi (which he won) or Nate Diaz slapping Donlad Cerrone's Cowboy hat off his head, there's never a dull moment when one of these lads show up on a card.

Channelling that blasé attitude into their fighting style, the Stockton Slap involves either of the Diaz brothers - from whatever position they find themselves in - using an open palm slap to rile and demoralise their opponents.

Unlike the majority of the other entries on this list, this move doesn't arm the user with a lethal weapon, capable of halting the fight at any moment. The true power in this jab-like offense comes in the form of ridicule and confidence draining.

As witnessed in the Nate Diaz Vs Conor McGregor I fight, Nate took all the momentum away from McGregor with every disrespectful Stockton Slap. By the time that the Irishman was tapped out in the second round, the slap had zapped all of his arrogance, leaving him in disbelief as to how his own offense couldn't chop down the marauding Diaz.


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