10 MMA Fighters You Want To See Knocked Out In 2020

We're not asking for a lot...just for Colby Covington to get what's coming to him.

Eric Jamison/AP

One of the defining draws of the combat sport known as Mixed Martial Arts has always been the potential for one of the two competitors going at it inside of the cage/ring/Octagon to be knocked senseless when you least expect it.

Running knees, sweetly timed head kicks and monstrous combinations have all claimed their fair share of finishes over the years and you can bet your arse that we'll be treated to a couple more highlight package-worthy KOs in the coming year.

But not every knockout is celebrated equally.

If a plucky up-and-comer is unceremoniously sparked out before they have even had the chance to pick up some much needed momentum or a fan-favourite veteran is pummelled into submission before our very eyes, fans tend to feel sorry for the fallen star and don't want to relish in the brutal finale long after the bout has reached its climax.

However, if you've amassed an all-conquering streak or you're just a bit of a d*ck, don't expect fans to console you when your head finally crashes off the canvas.

2020 looks set to deliver even more heart-stopping action in the world of MMA. If even just a couple of these stars end an event staring up at the lights, it will go down in history as another unforgettable year for the sport.


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