10 Most Unique Knockouts In UFC History

It is all over! Just. Like. THAT!


Knockouts are the ultimate highlight reel moment in Mixed Martial Arts.

The fans love them, promoters love them, the fighters delivering them certainly love them. The only person who doesn't is the one on the receiving end.

They're the most violent type of people-pleaser in all of sport.

While basic haymakers and uppercuts certainly do the job, more often than not, the more elaborate, interesting or just straight up bizarre the knockout is the better.

Fans of MMA and the UFC love the shock and awe of moments they don't see coming.

Unconventional fighting methods don't always come off, often causing more harm to a fighters chances than good. Just take one look at Anderson Silva's first loss to Chris Weidman, but when they do, something unexpected can happen that will leave everyone in awe.

A heavy right hand can end a fight, but the most unique finishes come when a fighter starts acting as if someone is playing a video game and just button mashing random combinations.

As wild as it may look, there's an incredible amount of skill, timing and precision involved in special knockouts. They're a level above in difficulty of execution, which is what makes them so rare.

If it were easy, then everyone would do it.


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