10 Most Violent Fighters In UFC History

10. Chuck Liddell

If you were an fan of the UFC during the early 2000s, chances you became a fan because of light heavyweight knockout artist Chuck Liddell. Everything about Liddell epitomized an MMA fighter, from his clothes, his mohawk and the fearless stare he would give every one of his opponents standing across the cage.

Although that was all fantastic, the former UFC 205lb champion really became a fan favourite because of his bloodthirsty approach inside the Octagon. Whether he was using his fists, knees or shins, the Iceman's sole purpose was knock his opponent's out in the most brutal of ways.

Despite being a Division 1 wrestler for California Polytechnic State University, Liddell didn't use his wrestling to take his opponents down. Instead, he used it to stop his opponents from trying to get the fight to the floor, which they would inevitably try to do once he started landing strikes.

There are many fights that show just how much a devastating, predatory fighter Liddell was in his prime. However, one of his most vicious performances was against Tito Ortiz in their first fight at UFC 47. Despite their intense rivalry creating plenty of bad blood between the two, Liddell remained patient in his approach, waiting until he saw Ortiz was hurt before landing a flurry of power punches until he crumpled to the canvas in a heap.


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