10 Times Feet Were Better Than Fists Inside Of The Octagon

These feet weren't just made for walking...


The world of Mixed Martial Arts plays host to a multitude of different styles and disciplines. This is what makes the sport so unpredictable.

Some of these martial arts equip a fighter with supreme grappling skills, whereas others arm a contender with the ability to viciously knockout their opponent with a variety of brutal strikes.

Yet, one manoeuvre in particular - which finds itself woven into many of these chosen disciplines - stands above the rest as the most visually impressive attack regularly on show inside of the Octagon.

The kick.

Whether it's being used to create space, chop down a rival's legs or as a weapon to take someone's head off, a kick inside of the Octagon just makes fans sit up that little bit straighter and clench their fists that little bit tighter.

Over the years we've seen them used in ways that were previously unimaginable and everything from capoeira to straight up kickboxing has been utilised in order to catch a competitor off-guard, often leading to some of the most spectacular knockouts in MMA history.

Fists are great and all. But, they don't come close to the picture perfect image of a delicious kick landing flush.


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