10 Times UFC Fighters Won In Defeat

The winner isn't always the winner, you know?

Andy Brownbill/AP

When two fighters make the decision to meet inside of the cage, two things are usually guaranteed.

There will be a winner and there will be a loser... also, sometimes there's a draw but we don't need that kind of negative energy in this list.

Victory can bring with it riches beyond your wildest dreams and widespread fame to go with it, whereas defeat can send a contender into a tailspin, one that some are never able to fully recover from.

Yet, on a few rare occasions, a loss in the Octagon has come with a certain silver lining.

Just because you didn't have your hand raised this time doesn't mean that people will forget about your valiant efforts in an epic war of attrition.

Also, a fatal blow to your MMA career can open up a whole new world of opportunities for a fighter outside of the world of combat sports.

Unfortunately, this group of formidable warriors didn't have enough to come away with the 'W' on the night. However, they did manage to earn the respect of their peers or forge a successful new path after tasting defeat in a UFC contest.

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