10 UFC Fights That Could Soon Break Records

Records were made to be broken and the future looks set to be destructive.


Dana White's UFC seems to get bigger and more entertaining by the minute.

The arenas have become stadiums. The talents have become megastars. The PPV buys have become astronomical.

So, when you add all that up, the idea of records frequently being broken becomes an inevitability. However, there are some UFC records which - at a glance - may have possibly set the bar too high.

Currently the highest UFC PPV buyrate stands at 2,400,000 buys - a record set by Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 in 2018. Second place comes in at 'just' 1,600,000 buys for McGregor vs. Nate Diaz II. Does any other fight stand a chance of coming close to that exceptional benchmark or possibly even surpassing it?

Can an event overtake the 57,127 attendance record set by UFC 243 in 2019?

Could someone be about to break the record for titles held in the most divisions?

Will we see a new youngest ever UFC Champion crowned?

All these questions may very well be answered sooner than you might think.

2019 was the UFC's most successful year, but with the return of the Mac, more rising stars than you can shake a stick at and a company expanding globally every day, you can bet that records are about to be completely obliterated once more.


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