10 UFC Fights That Did Not Go To Plan

Anything can happen once you step inside the Octagon.

Eric Jamison/AP

Trying to plan a career in the world of the UFC is pretty damn near impossible.

At the end of the day, when two fighters are paired together and then thrown into the Octagon, anything can happen and that's why we love this crazy combat sport.

It doesn't matter if you're an all conquering Champion or the undisputed face of the company, if you're not the better fighter in the cage on that given night you're going to be walking out of that arena with a nice big 'L' on your record.

These shocking upsets can sometimes catch the company completely off-guard and any plans for a star going forward can be suddenly scrapped if one particular fight doesn't play out as the UFC and fans around the world thought it would.

Old timers turning back the clock, legends being broken and even guaranteed spectacles failing to deliver have all proven exactly why you should always expect the unexpected whenever you flick on a UFC PPV.

These ten moments definitely weren't supposed to happen, but when they did the UFC were more than happy to rip up the script and change their plans for the future.


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