10 Worst Excuses For Losing A Fight

They had their reasons, alright?

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Make no bones about it, fighters are a tough, tough breed of human being.

Any person who decides to tackle another individual head on in a contest - where the aim is to either knockout, tap-out or simply get your fist/legs to hit your opponent more than they hit you - has every right to hold themselves in a certain way.

Some call it confidence. Others call it arrogance. Either way, without this ingredient you can almost guarantee that a fighter won't be well equipped for the battle at hand.

But, what happens if a confident/arrogant fighter loses this aforementioned showdown?

Well, sometimes the facade is dropped and a fighter is forced to evaluate their loss whilst humbly congratulating the victor. How sportsmanlike.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and there has been many an occasion when a recently outclassed fighter simply can't admit to their own failings, and therefore offers up an explanation as to why things didn't go their way on the night.

From broken toes to dodgy room service, here are ten combat stars who produced some of the worst excuses for a loss you'll ever hear.


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