12 Sensational UFC Bouts In March That You Must Watch

We preview all the best match-ups in what is an insane month of MMA action. 


Even though March Madness is usually associated with American college sports, it would be an apt title for what the UFC are bringing us this month. If you're a fight fan, prepare to spend a fair few Saturday nights staying in, because there are a lot of incredible match-ups on the horizon.

All eyes might be on the UFC middleweight title fight at UFC 248, but if you take a look over the other three cards happening this month then you'll realise there's even more on offer. They've got match-ups that could have potential title ramifications for the women's bantamweight division, a grappling showdown that will excite even the most ardent striking snob and a light-heavyweight scrap that is guaranteed to end in a violent finish.

However, the real gem is the heavyweight match-up that could potentially be one of the scariest fights the UFC has ever put on. Two heavy-hitters with the sort of knockout power that would only seem possible in your favourite Marvel movie. It's going to be some spine-tingling stuff and we've got those and more fights on this list of must-see battles.

Let's begin...

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