5 Best Grapplers In The UFC

4. Georges St. Pierre

Georges is one of the rare fighters on this list who didn’t grow up wrestling. Most top grapplers were trained in their respective discipline throughout their formative years. St.Pierre wasn’t quite as fortunate. In fact, he had to learn as he progressed in his career. But that didn’t stop him from being considered the best MMA wrestler of his era.

Georges was able to find a way to combine wrestling with striking in a way that was never seen before. There are countless images of GSP man- handling his opponents, but his signature move was his patented blast double leg takedown. He would lead with a ferocious, lighting quick jab to confuse the opponent, then shoot in right when they would least expect it.

Just take a look at his fights with Josh Koschek, Nick Diaz, and Johnny Hendricks. Those are three generations of athlete, and each one better than the last. Even with father time against St-Pierre, he was able to dominate all of them using his blast double technique and that prominent jab.

Talk about being ahead of your time. GSP set the blue print for all grappling based fighters that came after him. Only the select few on this list were able to take it a step further…


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