5 Best Grapplers In The UFC

3. Ben Askren

Ben Askren was a Division 1, collegiate wrestler. He amassed an astonishing record of 153-8, which resulted in him becoming a two-time, NCAA National Champion. Unsurprisingly, Askren was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The wrestling savant then set his sights on The Olympics. Askren won the trials making him a worthy qualifier. Unfortunately for Ben, he lost a key matchup and his dreams of competing were shattered. What does someone do with such experience? Well, Ben made one of the best decisions of his life and set his sights on MMA.

Askren moved on to be a champion in Bellator and One Chamionship. You’ll see names on his record like Jay Hieron, Douglas Lima, and Andrey Koreshkov. Not only did Ben run through these monsters like wet toilet paper, he sustained virtually zero damage in the process. The bout with former champ Douglas Lima is particularly stunning. Lima was on his back the entire fight, getting brutalized by Askren with a barrage of hammer fists and elbow strikes. Douglas looked like he was in quicksand, looking for a lifeline. Conversely, it was a stroll through the park for the Olympic level wrestler. These unbelievable skills lead to an undefeated record of 18-0.

Askren has recently entered into the UFC in the first ever MMA trade. This goes to show how rare of a commodity this guy is.


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