5 Crazy Rants From UFC's Dana White

The UFC boss is prone to losing his marbles sometimes...

Jeff Chiu/AP

Ever since Dana White and the Fertitta's bought the UFC back in 2001 they have changed the MMA industry completely. When they bought the company it was struggling both financially and struggling to break through into the mainstream. However, with Dana at the helm the company managed to make it through "the dark ages". The UFC is now one of the biggest sports organisations in the world, a multi-billion dollar company.

Despite being the head of a major sports organisation, Dana is different. He is no corporate figure head like you may see in other sports. He is not afraid of expressing his opinions and feelings towards others even if it may not be what's best for business. It must take a ruthless and sometimes crazy person like White to lead a company who deals with men and women who like to punch others in the face for a living.

We often get a glimpse of White's crazy side when he does interviews. In fact, he has become quite infamous for having a bit of a temper...

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