7 Ups And 1 Down From UFC 245

The last UFC pay-per-view ends with extreme violence, brutal knockouts and a new champion!


If you're still trying to catch your breath following the brilliant event that was UFC 245, then we completely understand. The level of MMA on show was sensational, especially during the trio of title fights that were at the top of the card.

There's always some sort of danger of boredom when you you stack a show with title fights, but those fears were allayed early on as the action came thick and fast. Kamaru Usman defended his welterweight title in a stellar back-and-forth battle against Colby Covington, Alexander Volkanovski ripped the featherweight belt out of Max Holloway's hands to become the UFC 145 lb champion, and Amanda Nunes secured an impressive victory over esteemed Dutch kickboxer, Germaine de Randamie.

However, that was just the tip of the iceberg as there was plenty of action throughout the card. We also saw new title contenders emerge, legends realise that that they're no longer the fighters that they once were and UFC debutantes disregard any Octagon jitters to put on some very memorable performances.

If you're still buzzing from all the drama that unfolded, we've gone back and analyzed the great - and not-so-great - moments from this stellar card of MMA action. Let's begin...

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