8 Most Shocking UFC Plans That Almost Happened

The industry leader has never been afraid to push the boundaries, but these were just too far.


As a sport, mixed martial arts has always marched to the beat of its own drum.

This is likely because, out of all the sports that command a portion of the TV audience in the west, MMA is the only one with a history as a codified sport that is so young that it fails to predate the time when The Simpsons was still good.

As the world's leading promotion, the UFC has managed to simultaneously maintain the outlaw reputation it had been branded with for its barbarity during its early years of the sport, and attempt desperately to position itself as a contemporary among the established mainstream sports.

The identity crisis has led the UFC to make a variety of decisions that would be completely unfathomable for other sports leagues, without damaging its reputation among public perception.

Even compared to other combat sports, MMA is pretty wacky. Imagine Eddie Hearn's war of words in the media with Tyson Fury escalating into a planned combative contest in the way Dana White had with Tito Ortiz less than 15 years ago, it just wouldn't happen.

With the plans to hold a flagship event for the company amidst a global crisis recently cancelled, there's no better time to look at some of the craziest UFC plans that nearly came to fruition.

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