8 Star-Making Performances In The UFC

These fighters seized their opportunities in a big way to become household names.


Sometimes, all a fighter needs is that one exceptional performance to see them catapulted into MMA superstardom. Whether that be by dethroning established UFC royalty, executing a flawless performance inside the Octagon, or debuting a new technique which sends fans into a frenzy, there are a number of different ways that an athlete can announce themselves as a potential star.

The beauty of combat sports, as opposed to many team sports, is that it only takes a moment of brilliance to completely change the course of a contest. One only needs to look at the sheer amount of come-from-behind victories in high-profile fights to see just how quickly the momentum can change at the highest levels of the game. Even then, sometimes what appears like a routine affair for a heavy favourite can see an underdog completely upset the odds by prevailing in dominant fashion.

This list will show that there isn't one path to global success in MMA, but a variety of ways fighters can embed themselves in our consciousness and cement their status as stars of the UFC.


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