8 UFC Fighters That Went To War With Dana White

These guys bit back at the most powerful man in all of mixed martial arts.


Ever since Dana White was installed as UFC president by the Fertitta brothers following their purchase of the UFC in 2001, the Connecticut-born businessman has shown that he is no stranger to a war of words. That makes him beloved by fans, but like many promoters, White is often seen as something of a divisive figure behind the scenes.

Having initially served as a manager in the fight business prior to becoming the head honcho of the world's largest combat sports promotion, White knows what fighters want, and has earned a reputation as a ruthless negotiator when he feels it is necessary.

Unlike in boxing, White has successfully branded the UFC as the premier avenue for MMA, rather than the fighters themselves. In doing so, the name UFC is almost synonymous with the sport of mixed martial arts now, in a way not seen in other sports.

Much like his friend, US President Donald Trump, Dana has never been afraid of flexing his Twitter fingers and engaging in social media spats with fighters, fans, and members of the media.

These fighters decided not to take White's scorn lying down, resulting in some of the most memorable fighter versus promoter feuds in MMA history.

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