Jon Jones Defends UFC Judges

Reyes' conditioning coach is to blame, according to 'Bones'.

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has taken to Twitter to blast Dominick Reyes for not taking 'responsibility' for his loss at UFC 247 and has even come to the defence of the UFC judges - who have themselves come under fire for their decision making on the night.

Many fans believed that Reyes won the first two rounds conclusively, whilst the third was closer but still should have been given to 'The Devastator'. It's also pretty much agreed on that Jones dominated the last two rounds.

Yet, Jones still managed to come out on top via unanimous decision, with one judge even awarding Jones four of the five rounds in the Light Heavyweight title main event.


Reyes and his team have shared the fan's frustrations and Reyes has even come out in various interviews to state his case for an immediate rematch.

Jones, however, isn't impressed by this reaction.


He posted on Twitter that 'Dom completely stopped fighting in the championship rounds and has the audacity to be mad at the judges.'

He then added that fans/Reyes were wrong to blast the judges by stating 'don’t be mad at the judges, be mad at Dom’s conditioning guy. Man started to give up when the water got deep and is now going around doing interviews talking about being robbed. When will these young boys start taking responsibility, that’s what’s wrong with boys these days.'


The debate rages on whether new judges should be drafted in or a new judging system needs to be implemented. But, Jones clearly feels as though Reyes is simply looking for a way out and doesn't want to own up to such a high profile loss.

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