Ranking Conor McGregors' Next Opponent From Least To Most Likely

Who'll be blessed with a 'red panty night' next?

2016 Getty Images/Kin Cheung/AP

Fighting Conor McGregor has almost become a more cherished prize than winning an actual UFC title.

After thrashing Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds, the world is once more Conor McGregor's oyster and the brash Irishman is calling the shots.

Barely a week goes by without some rumour of who the former two-weight world champion is thinking of fighting next, but after his grand return at UFC 246 was a success, the list has narrowed considerably.

The special few have made their case heard immediately following the card as to why they should get the shot. Luckily, each one is a fantastic matchup that is sure to deliver a firefight in the cage and a slew of trash talk leading up to it.

As the game of politics begins in the background away from public eyes through matchmaking meetings and text messages, let's go through each one of the most likely candidates who'll try to survive the patented left hand of 'The Notorious' next.

Just like McGregor's newest nose-breaking shoulder technique, some of the opponents on offer may surprise you.


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