UFC 248 Main Card Preview And Predictions

5. Alex Oliveira (19-8-1) Vs. Max Griffin (15-7)

The main card opener features two struggling welterweights who could very well be fighting for their jobs. Alex 'Cowboy' Oliveira is in the midst of three-fight losing streak, while Griffin has come up short in three of his last four contests.

Records aside, both men are known as action fighters capable of putting on a show, which is why this bout wound up on the pay-per-view portion of the event.

They are both very aggressive competitors who tend to throw caution to the wind and mostly rely on their striking —though 'Cowboy' has a solid ground game if needed.

If things wind up on the ground, based on what we've seen, Oliveira would appear to have the advantage. However, it's far more likely that this turns into the three-round brawl everyone is expecting.

If so, Oliveira's stand up game is a bit more diverse, which should give him a slight edge against the more traditional boxing style that Griffin utilizes. Given their aggressive tendencies, it's also quite possible that someone lands a big shot and puts their opponent away. However, these guys can both take a punch, so this one should go the distance. In truth, as predictions go, this one is a bit of coin-flip.

The Pick: Oliveira via unanimous decision.

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