UFC: 5 Ways CM Punk Can Revitalize His MMA Career

'It ain't over till it's over.'

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Even the most die-hard CM Punk fan would have to admit his MMA career hasn't gotten off to the best start. Truthfully, things really couldn't have gone much worse.

In both of his Octagon appearances, the former pro wrestler was beaten decisively. This prompted UFC President Dana White to declare that Punk's days fighting for the promotion had come to an end. Despite this significant setback, the Chicago native appears hesitant to give up on the sport entirely.

So what does a 40-year-old with minimal experience in combat sports and 0-2 professional record do to keep his MMA dream alive? In Punk's case, his celebrity status gives him several options that wouldn't be available to most fighters in his position.

If the former WWE champ decides he still wants to be a part of the MMA world, he just needs to think outside the box a bit. To that point, here are five ways CM Punk can breathe some life back into a career that many believe is (or at least should be) over.

These options won't lead to a world championship — that's just not realistic at this point — but they could provide him with the opportunity to end his mixed martial arts journey on a high note.

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