UFC's 10 Most Dramatic Fight Finishes

You definitely got your money's worth here...

Eric Jamison/AP/Press Association Images

The literal definition of 'drama' states that it is an exciting, emotional or unexpected circumstance/event. On that basis, the UFC has seen its fair share of the word.

Wars of attrition, falls from grace and breakout performances have all sent crowds into a drama-induced frenzy. That kind of reaction leaves people wanting more of the same and over the years UFC have been all too happy to oblige.

The sight of your favourite fighter being sparked out in truly shocking fashion or a bone snapping on live television have all reminded us of just how high the stakes can be when you step into the Octagon.

Those on the receiving end of these dramatic incidents have gone down in history as an example of what can happen if you drop your guard long enough to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Yet it's inevitable that more of these moments will be forged in the eight sided battleground. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, someone goes and rips up the rulebook once more.

HBO hasn't got anything on these shocking twists...


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