UFC's Jon Jones Says WWE Move Is "Inevitable"

The Light Heavyweight Champ might do a Brock Lesnar.

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UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones told Sports Illustrated that he's open to working with WWE in the future. In fact, the MMA star believes a jump is "inevitable" as the years roll on.

Jones told Justin Barrasso that he has "always respected" WWE and feels he could "transition over really well" if he did ever decide to trade shoot fights for worked ones. It's hard to argue with that; UFC fans will already know that Jon has brooding charisma for days, and he's the kind of huge presence Vince McMahon would love.

SI did note that WWE could pass on Jones due to his run-ins with the law and controversial history of failed drug tests over the years. Still, the 32 year old is a mega-star in UFC, has some mainstream name value and would be perfect for matches against fellow ex-MMA men Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez if WWE wanted to go that route.


Jones bested (the previously undefeated) Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 last Saturday. The five-round fight proved the champion's toughness yet again, and also showed how coherent he can be on the mic after a brutal scrap.

Would you get behind Jon Jones jumping to WWE?

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