WhatCulture UFC Awards: Best Of 2019

We take a look back and award the wildest, craziest and most violent moments from 2019 in the UFC.

Andre Penner/AP/Press Association Images

What an incredible 12 months it's been for MMA and UFC fans. From double champions who reign supreme in multiple divisions, devastating knockouts that go viral and epic fights that surpass what we could've ever imagined possible, it's safe to say that 2019 has been memorable.

Following a year of some of the best action the promotion has ever seen, it's only right that we make sure that the competitors scrapping in the Octagon are properly recognised for their violent endeavours. That's why we've created the WhatCulture UFC awards to make sure those elite fighters are given the credit they deserve.

These are the categories for this year's awards:

Upset of the Year

Comeback of the Year

Female Fighter of the Year

Rising Star

Most Disappointing Fighter

Submission of the Year

Knockout of the Year

Fight of the Year

Fighter of the Year

It was extremely difficult to choose which fighters would come away with some of these awards, but like it is in the world of combat sports, someone had to be the winner. Do you think you know who earned the right for each award this year? Let's find out who took our top spots...

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