Doctor Who: The Star Beast SPOILER Discussion - Did The Ending Work?

Spoiler alert! It's time for a deep-dive review discussion about Doctor Who's first 60th anniversary special, The Star Beast. Did the Metacrisis solution work? Are the sonic's new abilities too far? And more!

0:00 Intro
2:46: What was that opening recap?!
6:04 The DoctorDonna reunited!
6:49 Jacqueline King
8:15 Does Shaun know?
9:47 Beep The Meep/Wrarth Warriors
13:34 New sonic screwdriver powers - good or bad?
17:45 Marvel/Disney connections
20:51 Rose Noble
26:40 Did we like the Metacrisis resolution?
29:54 What to expect from Wild Blue Yonder

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