10 Doctor Who Deleted Scenes You Need To See

9. TARDIS By Candlelight

Doctor Who Series 2 deleted scene
BBC Studios

A much smaller deleted moment now, one which was snipped from the Series 8 episode Listen.

This is a story that's all about atmosphere. The terror of something lurking under your bed. The horror of the unknown. The Doctor discovering that the end of the universe isn't as lonely as you'd think. Douglas Mackinnon did an excellent job on directing duties, so it's a shame that one of the most visually-interesting moments didn't make the cut.

There's no dialogue here (aside from a quick "listen!" from Peter Capaldi at the end), just a steady pan around the TARDIS interior, which is illuminated entirely by candlelight. There's also some ominous music playing for good measure.

This presumably would've occurred early in the episode, when the Doctor is presenting his thesis about the unseen creature, and honestly, it would've been a banger of a cold open: the TARDIS looking all gothic, the creepy atmosphere, absolutely no context whatsoever. Then bang! Roll titles.

What could've been. But hey, can't complain too much - Listen is a brilliant episode as-is.

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