10 Most Rewatchable Doctor Who Episodes

Those special Doctor Who episodes we could watch again and again (and again).

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Matt Smith Karen Gillan
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Sometimes, rather than watching something too strenuous or starting something new, it can be comforting to just sit down and put on a fun episode of your favourite show.

And if your favourite show isn't Doctor Who, what are you even doing?!

Doctor Who has some really fun standalone stories. Episodes that can be watched out of sequence and, for the most part, make sense on their own. Comfort episodes that are disconnected from any major story arcs but still make us smile, make us laugh, and are thoroughly entertaining.

How you define "rewatchable" will vary from person to person, but there's no denying these episodes possess a certain allure that makes them easy to whack on when you fancy a quick hit of Who.

10. The Power Of Three

Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour Matt Smith Karen Gillan
BBC Studios

Look, I know The Power of Three has its issues. It started off really interesting, but fizzled out towards the end. That said, there are so many memorable and feel-good moments that it's still a very fun episode to watch.

It's rare to see the Doctor in a domestic situation, and watching him attempt to adjust to normal life is a real treat, painting the fence, doing keepy-uppies, and of course, being socially awkward.

The whole idea of "the slow invasion" is something really different in Doctor Who, and it allows us to really spend some quality time with the main trio. Bonus points for the arrival of the marvellous Kate Stewart (and UNIT), who makes the episode almost feel like a crossover special, like when the Doctor would appear in an episode of Torchwood, Class, or The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The way that the cubes are incorporated into everyday life is also hilariously relatable, with Kate mentioning that they had a thousand Twitter accounts within a matter of hours.

And last but not least... Brian. What a legend! He is peak dad. It's worth rewatching The Power of Three for his scenes alone.

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