10 Real Things That Prove Doctor Who Exists

Is Doctor Who more than just a TV show? There's certainly evidence to suggest so.

Doctor Who Amy and Rory Consolation Raphael Soyer
BBC Studios/Raphael Soyer

Though every TV show fandom probably wishes that their favourite show could come to life (well, maybe not The Walking Dead viewers) few groups have clamoured harder for that than Whovians.

Imagine how much fun it would be if Doctor Who was set in the real world. Cool aliens to meet! Epic adventures to be had! The chance to meet Graham!

Actually, Graham is basically just how Bradley Walsh is anyway, so scratch that.

But wait: what if we told you there was a chance that the Whoniverse didn't only exist on the telly? What if we told you that there's irrefutable proof that our world and the world of Doctor Who are, in fact, one and the same?

Ok, full disclosure, there's no actual proof here. Instead, this list will explore the strange coincidences and mysteries that could be interpreted as Doctor Who being real.

So, let's use our imaginations here, and choose to believe that these are all examples of the greatest story in all of time and space happening right here, right now.

10. A Crack In Time And Space

Doctor Who Amy and Rory Consolation Raphael Soyer

The fine folks over at NASA are always finding oddities and amazing sights in the great wide universe, and back in 2006, they discovered this potentially hazardous link to one of Doctor Who's most famous series arcs.

When observing infrared images from the Spitzer Space Telescope, astronomers noticed a strange shape. It was long and spindly, winding around like a large black snake. After much science was done, it was discovered that this is the core of a huge dark cloud that could, and we quote, "swallow dozens of solar systems."

This dark snake doesn't look a million miles away from the crack that Amelia Pond found on her bedroom wall. That particular crack turned out to be a gateway to an Atraxi prison, and other tears would reappear throughout the series before the universe was ended – and then rebooted – in The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang.

Doctor Who crack
BBC Studios

Like NASA's discovery, the cracks in Doctor Who were also capable of swallowing things they came into contact with, such as Scottish parents, or dead nurses.

If such a thing also exists in our own reality, does that mean the end of the universe is nigh? Let's hope not.

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