10 Times Wrestlers Totally WASTED Awesome Moves

Why isn't Andrade El Idolo using his brutal spinning back elbow to end matches?!

Toni Storm Jamie Hayter DoN

More often than not, a wrestler's most impactful and hugely dramatic move in their entire arsenal is the one they use to bring their contests to an explosive or agonising end.

Not always, though.

The majority of the folks set to be mentioned on this very list may possess finishing moves that are certainly up there as some of the most effective and iconic the business has ever seen. However, another one of their equally awesome weapons hasn't been treated with anywhere near the same amount of respect, with these electrifying attacks either being used as near-fall signatures or even just set-up offence over the years.

And sadly, now that a ton of these wonderful moves have been very much established as weapons that just aren't good enough to get the job done, it's safe to say that everything from jaw-dropping bombs to sickening kicks have all been utterly wasted as potential spectacular match-enders.

Moves this cool deserve to be the ones that win folks World titles and produce the biggest pop of the night on 'The Grandest Stage of Them All'. Instead, they've each just become a signature tool that will never get their moment in the spotlight.

10. Pop-Up European Uppercut - Claudio Castagnoli

Toni Storm Jamie Hayter DoN

The Blackpool Combat Club's big man is generally recognised as the pound-for-pound strongest human in the wrestling business.

And things like Claudio Castagnoli's outrageous swing, Neutraliser, and Ricola Bomb all show off the titanic horse's freakish strength whenever he decides to well and truly finish one of his unfortunate foes.

However, there's a version of one of the former WWE superhuman's other signature weapons that also demonstrates that insane power, and could easily be added to his already stacked list of finishing weapons. In fact, he might be getting there already.

Taking his already brutal European uppercut up a few ridiculous notches, watching Castagnoli hurl one of his smaller opponents high up into the air before greeting them on the way down with one of said diabolical shots to the neck/jaw/mug is always a highlight.

But the fact this awesome manoeuvre rarely results in anything more than a near-fall, or the sound of thousands gasping before he moves onto his next outgunned rival in the middle of multi-person warfare, will never not be hugely disappointing.

The BCC's monster has admittedly scored the odd uppercut victory in recent times - most notably putting down Eddie Kingston in an All Out 2023 tag bout. But permanently adding this sudden and mesmerising KO out of nowhere finisher to his game would only make Claudio even more of a frightening entity.

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