10 Absolute Worst Wrestlers To Win WWE Titles

Best pro wrestling in the world. Period.


WWE's collected title lineage is absolutely f*cking warped beyond belief. Truly, it is incredible.

Nicholas, a preadolescent child, has enjoyed more WWE World Tag Team Championship reigns than The Rockers. Cynthia Lynch - better known as 'Godfather's Ho' - once won the WWF Hardcore Title, where Terry Funk never did. Hervina - Harvey Wippleman in drag, for the uninitiated - has won more Women's Championships than Ember Moon. Mr. McMahon won the WWF Heavyweight Championship; Roddy Piper and Ted DiBiase never did.

Christ, even Tamina just won the 24/7 Championship.

WWE has long experimented with comedy in the title pictures that were never meant to be taken seriously. Also, again, the Tag Team Championship picture, which to Vince is more or less synonymous with the 24/7: to him, they are just a bunch of merry-go-round geeks who are totally secondary to everything. And he still thinks WWE is "too pro wrestling" right now.

Expect the Revival to spit-roast Zelina Vega in the next cucking angle, then, as Aleister Black's lips are scripted to tremble.

"They...f*ck-ed...my wife-uh..."

This list is dedicated to the worst of the trained professional wrestlers...

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