10 Absurd Things The Rock Threatened To Stick Up Your Candy Ass

Behind Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson: Actor, Pro-Wrestler, Coloproctologist.

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Influenced by current media as well as the cult popularity of ECW, the Attitude Era was a much different time for WWE than what is seen today under PG guidelines. The higher TV rating allowed for more violence, which gave way to some of E’s bloodiest bouts. It also allowed for stronger language, freeing talents from boundaries that once restricted their promos. It’s difficult to sound tough when threatening to “whip someone’s butt.”

Many wrestlers took advantage of both aspects to help elevate themselves to main event status, such as ‘Stone Cold’ Steve. Following suit, The Rock blurred the line of babyface and heel not only through his dramatic in-ring performances but also by delivering some of the funniest and fiercest insults to his adversaries. Through these broadsides, many of The People’s Champion's catchphrases were born.

While the ‘Brahma Bull’ had about a thousand of these during his peak, one, in particular, was fostered by the lenient rating guidelines more than others and included ‘sumbiches’ as well as where to stick them. On most occasions, The Rock promised to stick his boot up another superstar’s rear, as a way to add fuel to the ensuing violence. However, there were far worse things ‘The Great One’ threatened to turn into suppositories.


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