10 AEW Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Wardlow Schwarzenegger.


But it's barely been two years!

Aye, but much of that timeframe overlapped into 2020, the longest, weirdest, most omni-f*cked year in multiple generations.

Much has happened.

When Dynamite first launched, everybody wondered where the promos were. Beyond Cody's seminal Full Gear go-home sell-job, most storyline developments were folded into those excellent "all hell breaks loose" show-closing brawls. Now, Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and MJF create magic on the stick every Wednesday night. What did AEW do with that time in October?

Oh, yeah: AEW promoted lengthy Women's division matches that people didn't want until they went shorter.

When Dynamite first launched, its tag team product proved divisive; some were thrilled by the pulsating, heart-pounding bangers. Others wondered why AEW bothered to attach a tag rope to the ring. Now, with FTR reigning as World Champions, a contrarian set has emerged to claim it's now boring and samey.

The more thing change...

AEW has evolved from a card of action with only brief post-match comments to a deft, interconnected universe that has won the Wednesday Night War as a constantly moving beast of episodic pro wrestling television.

It...wasn't always like that.


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