10 AEW Vs. Impact Matches That COULD Happen

Let the fantasy booking commence; AEW and Impact Wrestling are about to collide.

AEW/Impact Wrestling

And all of a sudden, the tongues of the wrestling world are wagging once more.n

Kenny Omega has finally won the AEW World Championship but it took the interference of Don Callis to make it happen, a partnership that seems to be heading towards some sort of cooperation between AEW and Impact Wrestling. What it looks like remains to be seen, but something is brewing in the southern states.

AEW has a loaded roster, a list of talent that is as strong as anything in the wrestling world today. Impact may not have the profile that it once did but it has quietly repaired its broken reputation, giving previously ignored stars a chance to shine and offering second (and third) chances to talented but flawed performers. With AEW vs. Impact matches on the horizon, it is time for fantasy bookers to get the pencils out and start plotting.

What matches might we get to see as part of this exciting partnership? Omega and Callis are seemingly aligned, meaning it might not necessarily lead to a host of AEW vs. Impact matches, and it might lead to the creation of new partnerships across the divide. Still, always nice to fantasy book some dream matches, right?

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