10 AEW Wrestlers As You've NEVER Seen Them Before

Or '10 Flimsy Reasons To Share This Jon Moxley Photo'.


What with only just celebrating its first anniversary on TNT this month, it's fair to say that AEW is still relatively brand spankers. Though we're entirely familiar with the names on their roster, they're far from past their sell-by date in the way wrestlers over the road in Stamford eventually become - including a few who migrated to Tony Khan's empire for a much needed reboot.

Perhaps in a few years time, Orange Cassidy will grow stale (or develop that weird fluffy mould citrus does, if we're being metaphorically accurate). But for now, Freshly Squeezed remains well, pleasingly fresh.

Even though AEW's juiciest superstar and his brethren are still novel in their present Dynamite form, that doesn't mean they don't nearly all possess significant previous in the industry. Indeed, the promotion is built around a number of top stars - the likes of Jon Moxley, Cody, Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega - because of their established legacy elsewhere.

Amidst those pre-AEW past lives are a few closeted skeletons, and... basically, this is just a flimsy pretence to share this ridiculous picture of a WWE Jon Moxley with skimpy black trunks and pink hair. Enjoy!

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