10 AEW Wrestlers WWE Should Fear The Most

Best Bout (And Promo) Machines.

Vince McMahon is fearless.

He mortgaged the entire future of his company on the inaugural WrestleMania event, he has taken gruesome bumps and bled fountains in his capacity as a non-wrestler to get sh*t over, and he once directly commanded Carlito to "spic it up some" when brainstorming his WWE character. McMahon spits in the face of competition, embarrassment, and any and all social filters. He fears nothing.

And with good reason: WWE is vast and untouchable, financed by revenue streams as lucrative as they are problematic. Even if he repels the audience he wishes to "put smiles on" relentlessly pushing Baron Corbin...Vince's empire is secured now by corporate money, which will account in a few short years for over 50% of the company's entire base of funds. Vince can do no wrong, ironically, since *gestures at everything*

But pro wrestling is a talent-driven business, much as the industry treats that talent purely as meat - and it is the talent to whom the audience are drawn. WWE's brand-first approach is working as much as EC3 is on RAW.

Riott Squad spray paint at the ready: maybe Vince should be fearful of the upstart league's key players...

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