10 Amazing Stories Behind One-Off WWE Attires

Karate Kid... or C.M. Park?


What's the best part of pro-wrestling? Is it the grace and athleticism of a group of men and women putting their bodies on the line to create something that isn't just like ballet, but as Kenny Omega recently opined, pretty much is ballet (minus the tutus)?

Perhaps it's the larger-than-life characters, screaming out of their spandex like superheroes not constrained to comic or cinema, setting the world to rights before your very eyes in 20-foot roped section of it?

Or maybe it's a combination of everything wonderful about the the industry, an ineffable, intangible, what the French call 'I don't know what' which creates electricity and anticipation the moment the bell rings. The atmosphere, the buzz, the occasion, the sense of belonging?

Nope, it's actually none of those things: it's the gear. Wrestling gear is flipping brill, and nothing is more exciting than a grappler busting out a totally unique set of kegs. More often than not, it's simply to commemorate the gravitas of the occasion, and obvious to boot. But other times, a one-off set of attire has a hidden story beyond what is self-evident. Here's some.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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