10 Angriest Wrestling Crowds Ever

It's still real to them, dammit.


A couple of weeks ago on Monday Night Raw's 25th anniversary special, a group of hacked-off WWE fans stuck around after the show went off air to protest the fact that they had each just spent hundreds of dollars to watch The Undertaker say absolutely nothing for five minutes.

While it's unlikely Vince McMahon gave any of them the refunds they were after, he can't have been happy to see consumers of his product making such a scene, even if it was partly their own fault for getting their hopes up about what they were about to see.

But then again, perhaps the chairman of the board should be grateful that their protest only took the form of an orderly arena sit-in. A cursory look through WWE history - as well as that of wrestling more generally - tells us that things could have gone much worse.

To prove it, here are 10 times that wrestling crowds got angry, ranging from die-hards chanting hilarious things at super-shows, to the dark and deeply shameful moments that fans got so caught up in what they were watching they forgot the industry's golden rule: none of it actually matters.