10 Annoying Traits That Are RUINING WWE Characters

9. Mansoor (Happy To Be Here)

Bayley Laughing

On the subject of which.

What do WWE fans know about Raw newcomer Mansoor? He won a few exhibition bouts on Saudi Arabian stadium shows in his homeland, and has finally crossed the divide into weekly programming. During his introductory skit with Adam Pearce, Mansoor came across as a dude who's just happy to be here.

As Tony Schiavone once jibed, "That'll put some butts in seats". The smiling newbie doesn't have a hope in hell of getting over if WWE's grand plan for him is to look like he can't believe his luck - he's on Monday Night Raw, and the wide-eyed babyface can't wait to get started. Yay!

This has continued in recent weeks. The Viking Raiders gave Mansoor advice and spoke to him like he'd never worked a lick. Then, the same man who'd beaten Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro smiled (again). Later, he looked confused when Mustafa Ali blatantly tried to trick him.


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